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This type of container is capable of maintaining the temperature of frozen, chilled or warm cargo.

A refrigeration unit is built onto the nose of the container and power is provided by a motor generator (when container is on wheels),

by terminal (when grounded in a yard) or by the ship (when laden on board).

Air, cold or warm, is supplied to the inside of a container via an air duct system that enters the container from the bottom.

Air circulates under, over and through the load before it returns to the refrigeration unit. This circulation is repeated continuously when the unit is in operation.

In the nose of each refrigeration unit are adjustable ventilation holes. At specific settings, these vents allow fresh air exchanges to avoid a build up of carbon dioxide inside the container.

All fresh fruits and vegetables are living products and as a result give off heat and carbon dioxide. Vents allow this warm toxic air to be expelled from the container in order to avoid spoilage.

The most advanced reefer containers are computerized enabling highly precise temperature control. Transportation has become easier due to this type of precise control that ensures preserving the quality of foods such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits, as well as films, plants and pharmaceuticals.          



REEFER CONTAINER - 20 FEET Steel Specifications for 27,000kg Steel Specifications for 30,480kg  
Inside Measurement  Length (mm) 5,542-5,558 5,450 -5,456
Width (mm) 2,286-2,290 2,268-2,290
Height (mm) 2,261-2,284 2,260-2,284
Door Opening  Width (mm) 2,286-2,294 2,290-2,290
Height (mm) 2,266-2,298 2,264-2,265
Load Capacity  (m³) 28.6-29.0 28.2-28.2
Container Weight  (kg) 2,750-2,890 2,900-3,040
Max. Load Weight  (kg) 24,110-24,250 27,440-27,580
REEFER CONTAINER - 40 FEET HIGH CUBE Steel Specifications for 9'6" / 30,480kg Steel Specifications for 9'6" / 32,500kg Steel Specifications for 9'6" / 34,000kg
Inside Measurement  Length (mm) 11,552 -11,674 11,552-11,577 11,558 -11,590
Width (mm) 2,238-2,286 2,286-2,294 2,284-2,290
Height (mm) 2,485-2,509 2,505-2,536 2,522-2,552
Door Opening  Width (mm) 2,235-2,286 2,280-2,294 2,286-2,294
Height (mm) 2,238-2,478 2,474-2,569 2,448-2,603
Load Capacity  (m³) 65.1-66.9 66.2-67.0 66.6-67.6
Container Weight  (kg) 3,540-4,500 3,990-4,380 4,130-4,940
Max. Load Weight  (kg) 25,980-26,940 28,120-28,510 29,060-29,870


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